Aveopt's TerraPosition Pro™ Suite - Inspection Tool




TerraPosition Pro™ Inspect is designed to provide real time assessment, remote collaborative engineering, and communication in performing visual and sensor inspections of an infrastructure asset. TerraPosition Pro™ Inspect applies Augmented Reality (AR) to visually provide information and data specific to the asset enabling “intelligent” decisions for prioritization of action (maintenance, replacement) in the context of “Criticality, ROI, Fiscal Consideration, and Timing (CRFT).”  The Geotagging function makes determining the “where” and “what” of the asset inspection less expensive, faster, easier, and safer than ever before and integrates that information with the Asset Management System for action. 

Just place the crosshair, tag the asset, target issue, and generate the findings real-time while initiating maintenance action.


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