TerraPosition Pro™ Intel applies the various TerraPosition Pro Platform solutions to Perform Site Audits,  acquiring, and synthesizing information and data to generate Intel Datasets/Packages. The information/data and resultant datasets are generated based on several sources including physical audits and IoT/Big Data sources enabling a comprehensive intel package to be developed which in turn provides a significant value proposition.

Generates Datasets/Packages about Existing Wireless Infrastructure relative to

•Site and Equipment Audits (Inventory)

•Tower/Equipment Capacity Levels

•360° LOS Assessments

Geospatial Assessment of Surrounding Areas

•Economic, Cost Impacts

Applies Localized and Satellite Imagery and Analysis to Acquire and Synthesize Data/Information

Applies optimization algorithms in conjunction with

•Defined criteria and performance metrics,

•GPS and GIS data

•Data acquired from external sources (IoT, Big Data, Corporate Systems)  

Integrates with IoT, Corporate Systems, Supplier Systems

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