Aveopt's TerraPosition Pro™ - Surveying & Mapping


Survey and Mapping

Aveopt Survey and Mapping is the only survey and mapping tool designed with the capability to perform visual and sensor inspection coupled with surveying and mapping augmented with the ability to perform real time measurement (physical linear, chemical composition) and analysis without having to go through extensive post processing and analysis.



This groundbreaking approach integrates VR/AR technology with autonomous vehicle (UAS, ground vehicle, water vehicle) technology, sensor technology, video technology, GIS technology, analytics and 3D modeling, “Big Data” and the “Internet of Things”. The comprehensive solution provided by Aveopt Survey and Mapping enables numerous beneficial functions to be realized.


Integrates with Sensor/Payloads such as:

  • Range finders

  • Numerous Cameras including MISB compliance

  • Multispectral Analysis

  • Photo Ionization Detection (PID)/Gas emission


Can be configured to work with UAV/UAS controller/auto-pilot. Configured to work with 3D Modeling and GIS Technologies.





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