Aveopt is “Redefining Reality”


Founded in January 2016, Aveopt is a provider of advanced information acquisition and synthesis software solutions built upon Virtual Reality (VR) /Augmented Reality (AR) integrated with Sensor, Autonomous Vehicle and GIS technologies. Each of these technologies has been broadly viewed as disrupting technologies whose applications will become ubiquitous across numerous diverse markets and industries. Aveopt’s offerings built on the foundation of its TerraPosition Pro Platform provide solutions rooted in “Out of Box” thinking and perspectives derived from looking at problems from a different perspective.

Aveopt’s unique solutions focus on the infrastructure markets (telecommunication, utilities (power), energy, oil and gas, and transportation) providing Survey and Mapping, Site Assessment and Audits, Line of Sight, and Non-Destructive Testing (Inspection) solutions.  These solutions will significantly drive cost reduction (direct and indirect), increase the bottom line, and provide a competitive advantage for those asset owners or companies servicing asset owners within these infrastructure industries.

Aveopt has secured partnerships with technology leaders providing a unique opportunity to continue to develop and offer leading edge solutions. Aveopt has also established key market, and distribution channel partners as a means of offering valued solutions to the markets it serves.

 Aveopt is continually seeking strategic partners that will enhance our vision and ability to execute on that vision. If you are a technology company, distributor, or believe there is synergism between our objectives and yours, we welcome the opportunity to hear from you.

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